What made me stay @ #Hertz was

This job required a valid NJ license , over age 25 . we transported cars from airports to hertz rental locations throughout N.Y. and NJ , PA . At the time it was a fast paced job , meaning we got paid by the trip not the hour . A shape is runned at the beginning of the shift , which can consist up to 100 or so people or as many as 50 . This is to place the workers in groups of 12 or less and. a lead person ( the main driver ) , dropping off or picking up cars . Mostly the highest amount of trips is usually around 6 to 8 to 12 trips , depending on what crew you get in .. These are city trips , and to all surrounding airports . The shape is picked randomly , if you get a good number you can take a lead ( driver) lol the boss . Worked there about 6 1/2. yrs ... When the world trade center 911 happened the city and everywhere was so sad , business was at a stand still . I decided awhile after , that I needed a change . Its a very dangerous job.a few of my co workers passed , while I worked there . From accidents :( . Again it was a fast paced job in a high volume traffic area . I have few friends that work there and they said Hertz no longer pays by the trip . They're paying by the hour to stop the accicidents and making it less the need for drivers to have the need to speed .

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