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Delphine Elise
Bullet point

This gym does NOT offer any commission when you collect money, get members to sign up for memberships, or do more to make the members happy and comfortable, let alone pay you more for any CPR/AED certifications that other gums do. They make the "No Commission" to be a big selling point so that new members think they aren't being pushed into any membership but they just make money from the employees that are pushed to sell memberships, book tours and Crunch one kickoffs, or the employee gets ridiculed for not making enough sales. Even when asked about the extra money other gyms pay to have CPR certified people, at Crunch they tell you the personal trainers are already certified, so basically telling you the certification you have isn't important, although the personal trainers always come and go and are NOT always in the building, like those that work the front desk. In short, the members are the best part of this place, so if you are looking to meet nice people and not make money, I suggest you work here but not take the GM as seriously as he takes himself because he does not appreciate anyone, especially women.. at lest at the Tom's River location.

over 4 years ago
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