Christina Yantorn
over 6 months ago

About three weeks ago I filed a formal complaint to my HR due to the fact that my regional manager was being sexist towards myself for the last 3 to 4 months that I was there as a store manager she would contact the assistant manager instead of me and work side-by-side with him she also pulled me in the office for a two hour conversation basically stating that my assistant manager does not like working with me and was going to hand their keys in however when speaking to the assistant manager none of this is true my assistant manager has offered to testify to this as well in my claim I explained all of this to my HR and in their investigation it says that the assistant manager agreed with the regional manager when I showed him this report he said that he would go to a notary and do a written document stating that they falsified his answers on the report he also snapshoted A text message from my regional asking for a truck order that she denied in the report she said she actually called the work phone not his cell phone and that’s why she spoke to him because he supposedly picked up the phone at work however I have the text to prove otherwise I was forced to quit before they even sent me the investigations paperwork because they Were going to demote me to a cashier for nine dollars an hour and make me move to another store working totally different hours than when I was at and weekends every weekend and I told them I would give them a decision whether I accepted the job or not after their investigation was complete but they would not wait that long n told me it was a voluntary resignation I don’t know what to do I’m fighting for unemployment right now but I don’t feel it is fair that they did this to me when I haven’t done anything for them to be able to do it because they are in at will CompanyThey can do what they want how do I fight this and prove my case I do have a witness who is willing to testify and I have video footage of my boss as well what do I do please somebody help me

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