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Need a second chance after serving time? Good, felon-friendly jobs are available with the government and various companies. But you need to know how to get hired as an ex-offender. That includes deciding on a trade or other type of career to pursue, getting extra training if you need it, taking advantage of programs for ex-convicts, and more.

Millions of Americans have felony convictions. If you're one of them, you know that good jobs for felons aren't necessarily easy to come by. Securing employment is often the biggest challenge for ex-offenders and felons in this country. Opportunities can seem very sparse.

Even so, finding felony-friendly jobs is not impossible. Many ex-convicts are offered second chances, and you can join them. But first, it's important to remember a couple of things: Your experience is not uncommon. And the potential consequences of not persisting in your job search can be dire.

For felons, almost any legitimate job is better than the alternative of turning to crime. The job-search process can sometimes feel unfair and frustrating, but those who persist and know where to look often discover new reasons for hope and optimism about their futures. Jobs that hire felons may not be well advertised, but they are available if you make the extra effort necessary to find and qualify for them.

Some options require little to no post-secondary training. Many programs in the skilled trades will set you up for a paid apprenticeship, so you can earn a decent income while learning and gaining experience in your trade of choice.

Note: Not all employment opportunities within the following occupational areas are felon-friendly. They always depend on the policies and attitudes of each individual employer. And some of them depend on the vocational licensing regulations within your state. Certain felony convictions may Median hourly wage: $18.23 Typical qualifications: Vocational certificate

Delivery Driver Being a good driver can be very valuable in the job market. As long as you haven't committed theft or any serious traffic infractions (such as driving while intoxicated), you might be able to land a job that involves picking up and delivering packages or merchandise.

Median hourly wage: $17.62 Typical qualifications: Valid driver's license and a clean driving record

Shipping and Receiving Clerk Every large warehouse and big-box store requires clerks to handle and prepare incoming and outgoing merchandise or other materials. They tend to verify records, double-check items being delivered, and arrange shipments. It's a good job for certain kinds of ex-offenders who can be trusted with a lot of important details.

Median hourly wage: $17.74 Typical qualifications: High school diploma or GED

Helper to Construction Tradespeople What jobs can a felon get in the construction trades without becoming a licensed journeyman? Become a helper. Many skilled tradespeople need assistants willing to perform basic tasks such as carrying materials, holding tools, cleaning equipment and work sites, and helping with simple projects. For example, many carpenters, electricians, roofers, and stonemasons hire helpers. The bonus is that being a helper can provide a good introduction to a specific trade, which can help you decide whether to pursue it further yourself.

Median hourly wage: $18.04 Typical qualifications: High school diploma, GED, or vocational certificate

Barber Knowing how to cut and style men's hair, give clean shaves, and trim beards is a good set of skills to have. You might even be able to offer a mobile barbering service and go to your clients' homes or workplaces to make things more convenient for them. First, however, you should find out whether you'll be able to qualify for a barbering license in your state. Certain kinds of felonies might disqualify you.

Median hourly wage: $14.27 Typical qualifications: Vocational certificate or associate degree

Landscaping Worker Do you mind doing physically intensive work? Many gardening and landscaping companies hire people to help trim, water, fertilize, and plant lawns and other vegetation for their clients. Many of them also need people to help dig small trenches for sprinkler systems. And in some cases, they are willing to allow certain ex-cons to prove that they are honest and reliable workers.

Median hourly wage: $16.55 Typical qualifications: Vocational certificate or high school diploma or less

Dog Trainer Being around domesticated animals can be good for your mental health, especially if you've had to spend time in prison. Dogs are particularly worthy companions, which is why they are incredibly popular with many pet owners. Many dog owners will pay good money for help with training their canine companions to follow commands, stay well-behaved, or even perform basic tricks. That's why this industry sometimes offers enjoyable jobs for felony offenders who don't have violent backgrounds and want a chance at self-employment.

Median hourly wage: $15.04 Typical qualifications: Vocational certificate

Cook The culinary industry has a strong track record of being a good source of jobs for ex-cons. Many restaurants don't perform background checks. And if you prove that you can be counted upon, then this industry often provides opportunities for moving into higher, better-paying positions. Plus, in addition to restaurants, you might be able to find employment opportunities at institutional cafeterias. Just be aware that places like schools and hospitals will probably have stricter requirements and want to check your background for certain felonies.

Median hourly wage: $14.00 Typical qualifications: High school diploma or vocational certificate

Stock Clerk or Order Filler Large stores, warehouses, and distribution centers employ many people to help unload trucks, stock shelves, fill customers' orders, set up displays, and organize stock inventories. You may have to work early in the morning or late at night, but this kind of job can be fun in its own way. A felony conviction for theft, violence, or drug use may cause employers to not want to hire you. But if you can show good references and prove that you've matured as a person, you may have a chance at landing a position.

Median hourly wage: $14.48 Typical qualifications: High school diploma or less"

Remember to consider what skills you already possess that could be transferable. Look for job fairs and hiring events in your area. Check the local Union websites for hiring events and training schedules.

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Thank you for sharing. Those are great options for people who don't have a degree. Fixed all grammar errors

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