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Situation #101A. Husband is not working. (Understanding) [IBYC] Wives how can you respond?

I'm telling you the truth... (MUST READ)

Folks, under times of uncertainty anything is bound to happen. Like the unexpected act when a husband is no longer working. Perhaps, a husband composure can make a shift.

Wives how can you respond?

Jerome, I know you lost your job (at no fault of your own), however, please keep these factors in mind that:

  1. We are in this together and I'm working for us.
  2. I'm more than your wife, I'm your partner for life.
  3. I'm on your side and I need your support as a husband.
  4. Everything is going to be alright, this too shall pass.

Wives are the strongest asset in the nucleus family and they grow stronger each day.

I Believe You Can...!

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over 3 years ago
Heath Alva
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Community Specialist

@It's Your Time Believe and Achieve a strong life partner is always key to happiness and success. How would you ask for a husband to respond to a wife who has lost a job at no fault of her own like the situation above?

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