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Marie Rita Wheeler
over 6 months ago

Looking forjons

I'm just going to start out with this. I'm young, I'm 14 years old, and that is always a job blocker, and some people see me only as an ignorant kid, but I am worthy, I work up to anyone's expectations and I can prove myself, but I need a chance. I have applied for many jobs already and haven't gotten 1. I'm starting high school and I'm trying to save up for my college so my parents wouldn't have to suffer with their debt with their other 4 kids. I will even work for something as easy as stocking shelves, I just need a chance #helpme #petstores #stock shelves #clean #chance

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Hi, Marie! I would suggest checking with your local grocery stores, movie theaters, fast food restaurants community programs, and retail stores such as Target. You can see if any of these places are hiring by going in person or using the following steps: 1.Click on “Jobs & Companies” at the top of the page 2.Enter a job into the search field that says “Position” 3.Click on the blue button to search for that position in your area 4.Once the list is up, click on “View Job" of any you are interested in to apply. Hope this helps!