Jason Roberson

Hi community!

I wanted to write a short note to remind us all to focus on one of the only things we can control. This is our relationship with life. Meaning the people, situations and circumstances of our experience. A majority of times we are focused on the actual person, the current situation or the circumstance we now face. This is an erroneous approach to not only trials and tribulations but also to life in general.

The reason this approach is not very effective when trying to overcome or just improve life, is because you are focused on the effect not the cause.

If you wake up in the morning and your hair is messy you don’t apply the brush or comb to the mirror right? That would be silly, but its just as silly to try to make changes in the world when the cause of the worldly thing is in the mind. So what do you do, where do you focus? The focal point is intangible but very easy to find. This focal point is where your judgment meets the life(people, situations, circumstances). Ex. How do you truly feel about being currently unemployed? That feeling and the judgment that accompanies is where all your problems in life live. Start repairing your life there!

You have ultimate control over your focus. When you have a strong focus on how you actually relate to and feel about things you can make adjustments that add energy and open doors to new solutions.

ACTION STEPS: 1. Determine a the area of life that is undesired. 2. Examine the story you tell about why and how you got to this point. 3. Change the story to include the benefits of you being exactly where you are in life and the future benefits you will gain from your current life positioning. (ex I can get in better shape with this free time) 4. Examine the story of what you are saying mostly about what the future holds. (ex. I’ll never find work) 5. Recreate the possibilities of the future by trying to take away the perceived limitations even if they are “realistic”. Just try to think bigger, that’s all.

You got this! Let me know if you have questions or trouble actually implementing this.

about 4 years ago
Lenin PinaCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Jason Roberson , glad to see your back and I honestly want to tell you that I personally needed to hear this message today. I've been trying to control the uncontrollable lately and it's not working. Time to change the story! Thank you Sir.

Matt Bornhorst

Hi Jason Roberson - thank you for sharing this. Your mirror analogy makes perfect sense of capturing the focal point, and trying to affect change on the things we can effect, and not the ones we cannot.

Thanks for sharing such great life advice with accompanying action steps to the Jobcase community - your contributions are invaluable!