Jason Roberson
I’m here to provide encouragement and wisdom that has elevated me.

I’m doing really well currently in my life in respect to my personal goals. I’m here to give back with encouragement and tips that actually worked for me !

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Jason's positive outlook and reminder that positivity attracts the positive is something would do us all good to remember. His post truly stood out among a deluge of negative posts as a source of...

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Jason gives great advice for people on the job hunt - it's organized, structured, and written concisely.

is a fellow Jobcaser with Jason

Thank you so much for writing that article on the "Myths of Positivity." Bless you for that Jason! : )

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Work experience
Centura Health
Creditialed Trainer

Delivered onsite as well as web based trainings delivered to nursing program instructors
and professors. Engaged in 1 on 1 support and training. Emailed and called for product
support and consultations. Perused the best method of outreach to engage and retain
the current customer base with the goal of 95% year-to-year retention.

Worked under very little supervision to learn and train on over 5 digital products.
Analyzed data to determine best engagement deployment strategy of over 300 accounts.
Worked on the GainSite platform house and break down usage date

Customer Success Manager

Advocate of Personal and Spiritual Growth
Coach and consulted individuals to self-improvement goals.
Created and implemented successful marketing plans to forecast and reach business
goals. Analyzed data to created effective business plans.
Coached and mentored coaches to duplicate success factors in others.

Credentialed Trainer

Under general direction, organizes, prepares and conducted application-specific training
programs for end-users. Maintains records of training activities, employed progress and
program effectiveness. Worked with Instructional Designers and Managers of to optimize
training conditions, curriculum and outcomes.

Credentialed Ambulatory Trainer
Taught over 50 classes to Providers and Clinical support staff
Provided in clinic support to over 25 locations helping doctors and support staff efficiency
Contributed to one of EPICS most successful Go-lives

National Account Manager

Consultative sales tailored to improving the marketing reach of brokers and their
businesses. Developed and taught Internet marketing strategies to Real Estate
professionals. Built business brands by providing customer support, education and
resolving problems.

Completed Nationally recognized PSIS(Xerox) Sales training
Nov 2013 Customer Service Value Account manager of the month
2013 Customer Service Value Account Manager of The Year Award


Increased gross company income by building relationships with business owner's
nationally. Systematically utilize strategies to support client relationships and long-term
financial support. Trained and develop new hires to ensure sound and uniform revenue
generation processes.

Advanced through trainer to new hire training role
Onboarding job training for new hires

Primerica Financial- CITI Company
Division Manager

Analyzed data to create effective short and long-term financial success Conquered
investment, real estate and insurance products.
Created effective strategies to grow sales and brand.
Located interviewed and hired diverse talents to create large efficient sales teams.
Developed sales training techniques and strategies to minimize learning curves and fast
track the early success of new hires. Performed sales presentations and utilized
numerous financial products to aid clients in reaching their monetary goals.

Recipient of The Citi Fast Track Leadership Award
Averaged a yearly company promotion
Developed and delivered training to increase sales force production

Supervisor of Special Services

Managed, developed, motivated and disciplined a staff of 25 employees. Utilized
scheduling technology to align staff with United Airlines flight schedules. Consistently
maintain functional efficiency and high productivity in a fast-paced airport environment.

Enquire Technology
Chair of Health & Welness Committee

My goal is to advocate personal and spiritual awareness as well as a work life balance for all America Employees.

Centura Health
Midland University
Bachelors, Business Administration Management

Montana State University
Certifications & licenses
Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neurolinguistic programming is a way of communicating, created in the 1970s. It is often shortened to NLP. The discipline assumes there is a link between neurological processes, language and behavior. According to NLP, it is possible to achieve certain goals in life by changing one's behavior.