Speak up and sloooooow down

Headed to a job fair? Keep these things in mind!

As you approach the employer’s table make sure you are friendly, confident, and most importantly prepared with something to say. Be different and stand out! Don’t fall back on chatting about the weather because 100 other people will likely be doing the same exact thing. Research the companies you are going to chat with beforehand and lead with something to catch their attention.

“Hello! My name is….I am really impressed that your company…”

As you speak SMILE, make good eye contact, and offer a brief, firm handshake.

Many times the employer will take the lead by asking you a few questions, so have your [elevator pitch ready] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/7af45c96-9dbb-555e-8bf0-eed09382fc67?from=https%253A%252F%252Fwww.jobcase.com%252Fcommunity). This is a 30-second synopsis of what you'd like the company to know about you, and how it pertains to them. Before you go to the job fair think about why you’re interested in that particular company and how your skills or qualifications suit the position. Practice your pitch so you're comfortable and confident speaking about yourself. It does take practice!

Make sure not to go too fast! Job seekers have a tendency to speak quickly as there is a lot to say in a short period, but this can comes across as rushed or implies you’re nervous when in fact you are not. Speak slowly, listen, and engage your audience.

So, what’s YOUR game plan to get hired at your next job fair?

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