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Ashley Wilson
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Content Manager at Jobcase

Avoid these 6 pitch mistakes! A pitch is a clear, brief message that is ALL about you. It communicates who you are, what you're looking for in a job, and how that employer can benefit from hiring you.

This can happen on an interview, at a job fair, on a chance meeting, at a networking event or pretty much anywhere there is a hiring opportunity. Be sure to avoid the following:

1- Speaking too fast. Yes, you only have about 60 seconds to impress, but try to avoid cramming 15 minutes of information into one minute. It might sound strange.

***2- Using highly technical terms, acronyms or slang.***You want your pitch to be easily understood by any audience. The last thing you want is for whoever is listening to you to feel foolish.

3- Not being focused. This isn’t just ANY conversation and you’re not discussing the weather (unless that’s your job, in which case, never mind). Keep your pitch clear and focused.

4- Not practicing what you’re going to say. First, write down your pitch. Read it over. Have your friends and family read it. Does it make sense? Make sure it flows well and that there aren’t any spots that feel awkward. Then practice it. Practice it again. Keep practicing it until it becomes easy and comfortable to say and get it memorized in that brain!!

5- Being robotic. This is all about a face to face interaction with someone you want to impress. Having an easy, approachable, conversational style to your pitch will get you much further than an overly rehearsed speech.

Good luck! : )

over 6 years ago
Nathan Gorell
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Thanks! I tend to want to RUSH through mine so I will try to slow it down and practice a bit more.

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