Larry McCollough

Has anyone seen anything on extension of unemployment? Oklahoma has yet to post how you are to apply for an extension to get unemployment.

over 2 years ago
Lenin PinaCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Larry, great question! I so glad you brought his item up as it's been a common pain point for current UI benefit recipients who have concerns about not being able to get back to work due to COVID-19.

The news we've been hearing from members in surrounding states is that the UI claims offices are overwhelmed with new claims and have not yet received instructions from the fed or outlined the extension qualification standards at this time.

I too a quick look at the Oklahoma Unemployment Security Commission website and found this update...

"The extended benefit (PEUC) and pandemic unemployment (PUA) processes have not been completed. We will announce when they are available. There is no filing option. All claims will be backdated that qualify. PEUC's first payable week is the week from 3-29 to 4-4-20."

The offices are closed but the website has a insta-chat option if you have any pressing questions. Go to right now and take a look at all the benefit extension info they have updated so far.

You're also welcome to stay connected to all the UI benefit news and information in your state via the Jobcase Unemployment Resource Center, see

The resource center is designed to help members successfully navigate through the unemployment claims process and is full of other CaresAct resources and Stimulus Boost payout information if you have any questions around those resources.

In the meantime Larry... stay connected, informed and Safe! thanks :-)