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Fred Goff
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CEO and Founder of Jobcase

A really bright young man named Theo Epstein helped the Red Sox break an 80 year curse and got us our first World Series in almost a century. Then he went to Chicago and kinda did it again. Did I mention he was the youngest MLB manager in history?
So when I saw him offer career advice in this article I wonder what you think of it.
The article is below and here’s the outtake from Theo: “Whoever your boss is, or your bosses are, they have 20 percent of their job that they just don’t like. So if you can ask them or figure out what that 20 percent is, and figure out a way to do it for them, you’ll make them really happy, improve their quality of life and their work experience. If you do a good job with it, they’ll start to give you more and more responsibility.”

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over 5 years ago
Ashley Wilson
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Content Manager at Jobcase

Wow, this part definitely resonates with practically every previous job I have ever had Fred Goff when he says, "Even if you’re not selling a product or service directly to a customer, you still need to get people to buy into your ideas, opinions or theories." Even when I was an educator this still applied. Despite the fact that you're not in sales you are IN sales, haha. I agree with the author that everyone has a small fraction of their job that maybe doesn't excite them as much as others and if you can assist in that process and thrive in it you've done a great job! Really interesting article make sure to give it a read : )