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Sohini G
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Business Partner at Ohio Heart Institute

Hi Everyone, I know what some of you are going through because I graduated from business school in Novermber of 2017 and been on the job hunt and put my experience too and you only get called by sales jobs and stuff. They want to pay peanuts and some companies don't bother setting up an interview or even respond back. I feel like the job market here sucks even though there are so many available. Don't understand why they are not even trying to meet you first. This infinity loop of posting our resumes online only to be frustrated is somethinelse. Feel like moving east coast and these high taxes are not helping either. Most of the temp agencies only hire for laborers and basic clerical jobs. So where are the management ones? I graduated with honors and have work experience and that does not matter, what do these ppl want, I see so many working with an unhappy face. I feel that Corporate America should have a different assessment style and HR departments have to improve their way of responding and conducting interviews. I get job offers which have nothing to do with my education or experience and I am like who is sending me these junk mails to say the least. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated guys. :-)

over 3 years ago
Matt Bornhorst
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Dang, that's hard to deal with Sohini G I am sorry your job search is being so frustrating. I've been there, but usually that means its time for a mix up. It sounds like you already moved job markets and came to the east coast. That's a good step. I'd recommend changing up your resume and job search strategy.

You can find some great info on doing that in this convo. I hope it helps Sohini! Sometimes you just have to keep applying. With your experience and expertise, you will find something!!

Best of luck!