Relocating photographer

Hello there, community!

It seems to me like I need your help and will be grateful for any recommendations. Relocating is a stress and job searching even bigger.

I'm moving to the US for a O1 working visa and looking for a job. About me: I am a photographer with 8 years experience, working in directions - portraits, fashion, advertising, jewelery, food, interiors and the last 3 years of weddings (Italy) and models portfolio (Russia and France)
I work in Russia, Italy, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Spain, Malaysia and Morocco and write for several travel and lifestyle magazines.

Ideally, part time or contract terms, but I will happily consider the full time. Location - Portland, Oregon. But any state and city works for me, if my presence is not needed daily. Flights and long journeys are not a deal.

Or write to me if you need more info/works/publications/proofs

If you are looking for a photographer in your team or know the cool companies that have been looking for such a person - please let me know!

*o1 visa does NOT require sponsorship.

I thank everyone who read this!

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