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Caroline Anderson
Bullet point
Customer Service Assoc at Walgreens

It began with applying on-line, I received a call to come into the store I applied for (you can choose multiple locations when you apply on-line) and was asked to complete a 20 to 30 min set of aptitude tests ranging from cash handling to what would you do in this situation if you were approached by various customers with different needs etc. Once I completed the tests I was given a brief walk thru of the store layout and was told after the tests were scored I would receive a call. 5 days later received the call for an interview which was brief. Again a battery of what would you do questions and tell me about yourself and what makes you( which of course was me) tick. After that was told to awIt a decision. Got the you got the job call 2 days later. Not a bad experience at all

about 4 years ago
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