Patricia McKechnie
about 3 years ago

The biggest mistake I made as a #In-HomeCaregiver at #ComfortKeepers ...

The biggest mistake I made was being the most dependable and loyal employee for this company over almost a 2 yr period for them to backstab me once I gave a recent 2/week notice that I was moving from San Angelo to Lubbock. I was told by the scheduler in Lubbock, (as she handed me a new hire application), just let us know once your move is settled and we'll do our best to get you as many hrs as possible. That was not the case...I was told by a certain office staff on 09/18/17 that you can bring in your application but she couldn't gurantee me being re-hired in Lubbock. I immediately started looking for employment elsewhere. I was hired yesterday by one of their competitors. I will say this new Company has much better work ethics/policies. It's All Good! Amen

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