Some musings on "Getting that Promotion"...

One of the most productive pieces of career advice I got in my early years out of college was my first manager telling me to always dress for and act for the next role I want, so that when opp opens up I am a natural to be considered. That worked in my early banking career quite well.
Nowadays part of my role is to identify new leaders. I don't really look or care about attire (Sorry Mr. Phinney, that worked in 20th-century banking but not in tech today). Rather, among people who are driving results in their current responsibilities, I strive to identify those that also are cognitive and self-aware and authentic and who carry the values of the company mission and culture (and I also confess to appreciating presence of a sense of humor, good or bad- more on importance of that in another post). Many people who possess these characteristics do so naturally, but each of these can be learned and applied as well. If you are looking for growing responsibility in your own situation I'd encourage you to consider these dimensions.
I would also encourage thinking about a simple question: how can you better help your Boss succeed? (Let's presume you are in a normal situation and your Boss has good character and his/her success is consistent with your organization's success). Pause to think about what they need to deliver, what burdens& constraints they have in their way and think about how you can crush your job in a rhythm that is in great harmony with their agenda and constraints and pressures. In truth - they should be spending most of their time thinking about what they can do to help increase the odds of YOUR success. But if you pause to think about theirs, this just might make all the difference. I don't mean brown-nose (is that still an acceptable term to use or am I showing my midwest GenX roots by using that? - well, no offense intended if so). A good Boss won't respect or reward that. I mean: acknowledge your Boss has pressures, and if you can help relieve these, or even acknowledge them in supportive processes then you will likely be recognized with greater appreciation. Here's a trick to get in rhythm. Are you ready for it? Ask! Its that simple. Just Ask. For example: "I have a small problem I need help resolving - is this a good time for something like that or should I wait to address it"; or "I have a big process change I think can improve things, is this a good time or should I schedule later to address it". etc. Most all Boss's want to be great at their jobs. Most all Boss's are good. Almost NO Boss's are always good or always great. Often that's because of mindshare and timing. Simply asking about timing can be the start of getting in sycnh. And by doing so - you are actually creating the space for your Boss to be better at their job. And proving you can help other people succeed in their roles, even your own Boss, while you are succeeding in yours is a great thing to get noticed for - and get promoted for! Look, producing results in your current role is table stakes. Yes, it should be appreciated. Yes, it should be rewarded. But let's face it, its what you are getting paid to do. If you want to get noticed to get to that next level, you have to operate on a next-level. Deliver extra-ordinary results. Or show you have the capacity for that. But also consider the rhythm and attributes that demonstrate that next level thinking that shows you will continue to deliver extraordinary results in that next level up position as well. Then you'll find the promotions coming to you faster than you can ask for them. Cuz Boss's love to find capable people to help them keep moving results forward in harmony. And they appreciate people that make their jobs easier and help them be better at it.

These are just some musings that I wanted to share that were prompted by this Fast Company article. Maybe you like their tips better. Maybe you can find a mentor to give you more relevant counsel. Thats great. This early morning stream of conscious writing about promotions may not be right fit for your situaiton. thats ok. The important thing is to be thinking about that next role. If you made it this far in the reading then you are. Congrats. just thinking about your next career step is already a differentiator. Taking actions to get that next career step is next differentiator. I know Jobcasers will be here to help you on either front. And I hope you help other Jobcasers too! Good luck. Onwards & upwards... #StrongerTogether #promotion

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