Tina Collins
10 months ago

My advice to people interested in working at #Fed-ExGround as a #In-BoundScannerAMSort/LoaderPMSort ...

Working at FedEx Ground was one of the most enlightening work experiences I could have asked for. I had 3 life changing personal events within about 15 months and the company CARES about employees and their families. They tried very much to do anything to get me through those challanges. My 3.10 years with the company, the only requirement was to do my job. I gave 110% every sort. If managers knew you were truly doing your best, they tried to help the employee build from there. Jobs are not easy, they are very labor intensive, employees must work as a team whenever necessary, it is not a position for childish ways. Do your job, always be polite to all your coworkers. Follow directions from your manager, be honest...If an applicant gives it their all, follows the CORE values of the company and plays well with others, the company promotes from within. Its simple, be on time, do your job, stay safety conscience ALWAYS!, Be honest ALWAYS, Then the company will definately be there for you, with respect and anything a company can reasonably offer. 1) leave of absence. 2.) FMLA. 3) suggestions for solutions that are successful for the employee and Co. Both. I would still be there, maybe I could have made different choices, but I did not think I was able to give the company my best anymore. My boss was kind, understanding, and willing to go the extra mile for me. I also knew they needed a reliable person, every day doing the job, so I chose to step back, A team needs all its players.. I miss them all and my work. JUST...GO FOR IT. GOOD LUCK!

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