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Have You Been Tested for COVID-19? Are you thinking about being tested for COVID-19 and want to know more? As a person who works in the healthcare field I have took the test three times and thought I would share how it works with you. If you live in the Boston, MA area, you can get tested for FREE! Let me first start by sharing how the test is performed. You start by registering with the check in center. They will ask for your personal information and then it’s off to tent #2. At tent #2, you will be take the test. The nurse will confirms your information and ask if you have any signs or experience any of the signs. Then it test time. The nurse will hand you a tissue and ask you to hold your breath for 10 seconds. He/She will place a Q-tip like stick up your nostril, it is twisted several times and then placed into a tube. You are asked to quarantined for 72 hours. The medical team will then contact you with the results. If you are interested in getting tested and live in the Boston, Massachusetts area, WHITTIER STREET HEALTH CARE located at 1290 TREMONT ST Roxbury, MASSACHUSETTS 02120. You can go to the website and pre-register on the site! #coronavirus #Testing

over 3 years ago
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