Michael Carvalho
over 6 months ago

Good Morning Community, Today I would like to touch on a topic that I have been dealing with lately, it is surrounding yourself around positive people. You never know what others intentions are or what there motivation are either. This is a topic that keeps me wondering after the last few weeks. I try to help people succeed in live and there are always a few that have other intentions on there mind. This is when manipulation comes into play. This is a issue with many people fall victim to there goal of getting over on another person. I have learned a tool that can help you avoid things like this, it is called Cut-offs! Knowing when to use an exit strategy will help you avoid others and there negative effects of manipulation. First the cut-off, I am unable to help you. More examples, sorry I have to be somewhere or I am busy, second using a exit strategy get away from the person or persons. This will help you avoid issues that I had to deal with in the past couple of weeks. Something to think about and as always I welcome your feed back, comments and likes!

Nelson Franco

Beware, Avoid unnecessary exposure to Negativity! Excellent observation and strategy recommendation Michael Carvalho . We all deserve to be surrounded by Positive people, places, and things. Also, give back what you receive. It's okay to be someone else's cheerleader. Thank you Sir!