Michael Carvalho
Personal Care Assistant Supervisor
New Bedford, MA 02740

New Year, New Beginning, I recently changed my job and truly loving it. I took a chance and glad I did. More time to do what I truly love and that is helping people. Made a choice and happy it’s... show more

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Michael, truly ones that understands the controlling of one's life by taking control of one's "Thoughts", knowing you can't ask for one thing, and then expect something entirely opposing what you...

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Work experience
Operations Manager

Over seen day to day operations, payroll, inventory, shipping and receiving, repair plumbing, pipe fitting, boiler operations and more.

Fabriclean Inc.
Business Owner

Bringing the best in carpet cleaning, water damage and restoration and more to the Central Florida area. Started with 3 employees to hiring over 130 employees. From operations to sales, insurance services and more
We have a system that will change the way you seen carpets cleaned. Why steam clean carpets when you can dry clean them and be able to walk on them 30 mins later?

Fabriclean Inc.
Plant Operator

Over seen the complete duties of the business. H.R., Day to Day operations of Payroll, Accounting, Accounts Payable/Receivables, Billing, Inventory Comtrol.

Brrevard Community College
Associates, BUSINESS
Certifications & licenses
Guides For Better Living, Life Skills, Drug Abuse, Human Relations, Business Relationships.
Brevard Community College

These were certificate courses that allowed me to better myself while helping others also. I have taught these courses since and continue to host them with updated information.

Salvation Army
Fund Raising, Homeless Assistance

Assist with any and all fund raising needs. Assist with Homeless Assistance and Placements.