You NEED one of these!

Our profiles/resumes are now online and with email we barely use paper anymore, but the one paper item you need in today’s job market is a business card. They are PERFECT for giving out at events like a job fair or even after an interview.

I know what you’re thinking, I don’t even own a business I don’t need that. Even if this is true, when you think about it, YOU are your own business. Each time you go on interviews you are in the business of finding a job and selling yourself.

You want those who interview you to remember you days after an interview is over, and not forget you seconds later. A simple business card helps you achieve just that and remind them of who they just met! It does not need to be fancy or expensive. What it does need to do is have the following info:

1- Your first and last name
2- Your email (make sure it’s current)
3- Your phone number (again current)
4- Optional you can add a few words about who you are or what job role you are looking for, an inspirational quote, or small list of attributes about yourself (like a mini pitch).

Design a card and have them printed and ready for pickup the same day at your local Staples

Or for more design options try Vistaprint just make sure to check shipping and production times to ensure it arrives in time for when you need it.

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