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over 1 year ago
Janice ReedCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

@Amy wallace do you suspect you may have been scammed by someone pretending to be from this company? If so, I would tread lightly! There are always other job listings out there. If you get a bad feeling from one, trust your instincts and move on!

As a quick background, there are two reasons a job listing online gets removed:

  1. The job listing expired. This means the company filled the position and took down their online job listing as a result.
  2. The listing was put up by a scammer. Scammers often try to misuse job sites to rope unsuspecting job-seekers into a scheme to try to steal their personal information or money. Job sites do their best to stop this behavior, but unfortunately sometimes scam listings are live for a time before being taken down. If you're on a job site and you think you've been scammed, or you think there is a scam opportunity posted, you can help yourself and other job seekers by reporting scam listings to the job site you're on. Once a listing has been reported, the job site can more quickly review it and take it down.

If you're interested, you can also take a look at our our article on how to spot and avoid a job scam while you're looking for work. All the best to you in your future job search.

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