Don’t let employers forget about you once the job fair ends...

Now is the time to follow up!

-Do it sooner rather than later 1-2 business days after the job fair is ideal.

-Make it personal Remember that employers have met and spoken to MANY people at the fair, so it’s unlikely they will automatically remember you. If you had a good conversation, make note of something you discussed and mention it in the email.

-Reach out to the right people Whether you jotted the employer’s email address down in a notebook or you took their business card, make sure to reach out. If you did neither don't worry, you can go to the company's website and look for the hiring manager's email. Once you have found it follow up with a friendly email.

-What to say In the email, explain how excited you’d be to work for them. Mention the main reasons why you would be the right person for the job by emphasizing your strengths and capabilities while demonstrating that you are a great fit. Keep it short and straight to the point.

Here is what a sample follow up email could look like:

Hi [Name],

It’s [your name], we met at [name of the job fair] this past [date]. I know your inbox is probably quite a busy place right now, but I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I…. (Include any personal connections you made here, for example, I can’t believe we both attended Maryville High school). I would be thrilled for the opportunity to interview with [Xompany Name] for the position of [the position title] that you’re currently offering. I believe that my skills are strongly in line with this position’s requirements and my overall experience in [add in your special skill/experience] would be especially valuable when… [connect your skills to what they need]. I have attached my resume for you to look over when you have a free moment.

Thank you again [their name] for your time. I look forward to speaking soon!

Best, [Your Name]

If you landed a job at the West Virginia job fair let us know the good news and post it [HERE in the community] (!

Good luck to all those who attended! : )

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