Losing Steam

They say that you can be anything you want in this life. You have social media to thank for broadcasting everybody elses successes. I legitimately have a family where every cousin, brother or above has a family, a high paying job and a house. Im 33 and even my young 20 something cousins are married and making good money. The one thing they have in common? Success... I spent the better part of 15 years moving up in a company and the last 2 years almost killed me and the place dissolved my position. Ive spent two months showcasing my talent, experience, interviewing and applying. Im still in the same place. Living in an apartment, no money, family helping but Im alone. Do you just feel like being anything you can be just dies inside you at a point? My dreams and projects have all fallen apart. My prospects stopped or blocked. Do you just feel like it has to turn better at some point? Can a person keep giving out what they don’t have? Im lost. Some say pray and it will work out. Ive been praying before, through and at this point.

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