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Tessa Cornelius
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Bartender at Oasis Micro Pub

I have been a bartender/server since 2017. I have worked in food service for over a decade. Working in the bar industry during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging to say the least.I worked for three different bar/restaurant establishments and lost all employment back in March. Slowly as the case numbers appeared to drop bars and restaurants began to reopen. Unfortunately during the time that my local state government was doing their best to work with the health departments to get the virus under control, many residents of my area fled to open states to have some semblance of normalcy. Along with vacationing they were spreading the virus and the numbers went back up. Targeted and easier controlled establishments that didn't take the necessary steps to adapt became frustrated with the double down on state mandated restrictions. I was in and out of work, remaining loyal to the bars I worked at. Restaurants in my area decided to go against the government's mandate and reopen despite the alarmingly high positive case rate in our region. This pandemic has made me highly disappointed in a lot of the key holders of this industry. It was a majority of people unwilling to both understand the severity of this virus and to adapt to the changes that are necessary for the safety of our people. I am now unemployed because it is impossible to find good and stable work in my specific industry right now. It's incredibly frustrating because the same people that do not believe in the severity of the virus are the same people backing my industry on it's foolish decision to remain open indoors. It's incredibly aggravating to claim to root for you meanwhile putting your health and safety at risk in an industry that rarely offers STEADY pay or health insurance/benefits of any kind.

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over 3 years ago
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