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Jobcase Contributor

Who do you appreciate today? I have the ability to work from home today – something that a lot of people can't do. In fact, many folks are out there – doing exactly what they always do – where they need to be – and some are in pretty high-risk situations to get sick. If 9/11 taught me anything, it's that Americans know how to stick together in tough times. And no matter what you think of the craziness going on, I think we all can appreciate those that are making a difference for us.

So, here goes. Thank you:

to the conductors and drivers who are still running the trains I usually take

to the truck drivers, warehouse, and retail staff that still make sure the depleted shelves at my stores are filled up again

to my doctor and her staff – and medical workers everywhere – who I'm sure are overwhelmed by the current flood of concerned patients

to airlines and airport workers that are looking out for travelers - especially those I hold dear

to the teachers and school staff that have gone out of their way to help my kids recently

to the amazing custodial staff in my office building

to the friends that have reached out to check on me and my family

I could easily go on, but I'm thankful for these efforts. And I plan to share details when I can where people have gone the extra mile for myself and others.

Anyone else out there have someone who makes a difference to you?

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over 2 years ago
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