Got a Resume Gap? No Problem!

So you read Ashley Wilson 's post on writing a resume with gaps, and you got the interview! But what if they ask about resume gap details in the interview?

Be honest

Maybe you had a baby, or maybe you took time off to take care of yourself or a family member. There’s no shame in that. You might find a connection with the interviewer if they have had a similar situation.

Think forward.

The more guilt and shame you have about your resume gap, the more the interviewer will be able to pick up on. There will be twists and turns in life, and that is completely normal. Make it clear to the interviewer that you are now ready for an opportunity to challenge yourself and create value for the company.

Life happens.

Let’s say you had to leave your old job because of personal issues. No problem! Tell the interviewer that you had to take time away to resolve personal projects, but you are now ready to focus on your career. Accept that you have a resume gap, and try to speak briefly and calmly about it. If you do this, chances are they will be more interested in your attitude and skills than the gap itself.

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