Sign O' The Times

I've been working for 30+ years both in permanent and temporary jobs. It has been that in my own experience and observation these days that whenever one starts any new job (temp or otherwise) that you no longer get any direction/orientation or the courtesy of introduction. Here is a scenario on one of the many temp jobs I worked; on my very first day, I reported for work, and the company I was assigned to seemed to be at a loss as to what to do with me or put me (no desk, no cubbyhole, etc.), It took them awhile before they found a spot or workstation for me, then about an hour later (remember, this is my very first day on the assignment, and I have only been in there for an hour) various staff members begin to have a running dialog with me, asking me such things as what happened to my order for my business cards?, or have you seen Mike Russell? We're supposed to be having a meeting in the conference room right now , or Do you know what those banker's boxes are doing in the breakroom? Really? Asking someone who hasn't been at your outfit for a full day. Now, I fully understand and appreciate the concept of hit the ground running and the new technology of e-mail/texting/teleconferencing, and such, but this is a bit ridiculous and non-commonsensical. This is like going out on the street and asking a total stranger if they know where your car keys or house keys are. Can anyone relate to this?

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