Lenin Pina
Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Aerotek has immediate hire COVID-19 Temperature Screeners job opportunities in Jessup, Maryland.

No medical background is required! PayRate - $14 - $15 p/hr.

Temperature Screeners Responsibilities Include:

  • Medical screeners will take temperature readings using an infrared thermometer that doesn't require contact of individuals touch you.
  • If an associate temperature is at or above 100.4 degrees, screener will ask the associates to step out of the building for 15 to 30 minutes to be retested. If the associate's temperature continues to read above 100.4 degrees, they will not be allowed to come into the building and will be given proper information then asked to go home.
  • The screener is required to capture the following information on a log for any associate sent home for elevated temperatures. Associate's name, position and the actual temperature.

Available WorkShifts Include:

  • 7 days a week, from 1pm - 5pm
  • 7 days a week, from 1am - 5am
  • 2 days a week, (Saturday/Sunday), from 12am - 8am
  • 2 days a week, (Saturday/Sunday), from 4pm - 12am

Interested? Go to https://jobs.aerotek.com for more job details and application instructions.

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about 2 years ago
Connie Lopez

Any positions in Boise Idaho area?

Cynthia Brown

I can’t find any work if I do it’s 2 hours away 10hhr what the point just working for gas money it’s been a month nothing from unemployment my unemployment got screwed up it says I was working at one job on 6 25 2020 I wasn’t I haven’t worked for that company since Xmas and it was temp they would work you a week send you home a week now the nation was on stay at home order she told unemployment she had worked for me the hole time I wasn’t working for her because I was working for someone else isn’t unemployment smart enough to firgure our mistake I didn’t put that on the application for extension I hope I get it I don’t think I will leave it in Gods hands🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Mujibur Khan

I am live in NY, is any job in New York