As a career recruiter, I've dealt with a lot of systems meant to help me sort through the hundreds of applications I might receive for each job. Unfortunately, these systems can make the application process feel like a Black Hole to the job seeker. Here are some tips to get past the ATS:

  • Use keywords - look at the job posting and use the exact language that's in the description, including titles & acronyms. Be true to your own experience (don't add words just to trick the ATS), but if possible, match how things are described in the job posting.
  • Simple formatting - unless you're applying for a design position, don't use a special font/colors/funky formatting; it is likely to confuse the tracking system and you'll never know it. Stick to a font like Arial, Times New Roman, or Courier. No emojis, charts, or columns please!
  • Use spell check - a recruiter might give you some slack for a misspelling, but a computer will/can not
  • MAKE SURE your contact info is up to date! After all that work, you WANT the recruiter to call you!!!

Good luck Jobcasers ~ we BELIEVE IN YOU!

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