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Elias Z
over 6 months ago

College graduation and entry level jobs


I am a recent college graduate in engineering. I wasn't able to secure an internship during my school days. I wasn't a pro active job seeker while in college but rather focused on maintaining the GPA. After graduation, I have started applying and it's been 5 months since then with no job offers. I have been told that the longer it is from the graduation, the lesser your demand is gonna be. Is it true? I am getting worried and i think this gonna affect my job application procedure as I am hearing mixed opinions. I hope someone experienced could give me an answer. Thanks!

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Mariah Bliss

Hi Elias: Thanks for posting to Jobcase! You're definitely in a high-demand field, so keep your head up about your job search. Have you tried going back to your school to see if they have career resources that can help? A lot of schools have special relationships with employers, so it could be useful to see where you might have a better chance of landing an interview.