Austin Holbrook

I am very interested in learning new trades, and or trades I've worked with prior. I am very dependable, motivational, hardworking, and focused. If you want a positive, young, motivated, hardworking and even thorough worker then I can very well be your guy. I am always seeking higher education, promotional to become an asset to a company, and nevertheless a great person to work around or with. #Hardworker #motivational #success #Versatile #workforyourwagd

over 5 years ago
Marcus Jordan

Today must be "Share your Elevator Pitch" day in the community. Awesome statement Mr. Holbrook!!! Have you ever considered an apprenticeship in the trades? The US Dept of Labor has been aggressively investing and partnering up with organizations to train and provide new opportunities for individuals interested in a career in the trades.

An apprenticeship is basically a "earn as you learn" program that involved both classroom and hands on practical experience. The state of Washington just published some openings on the Labor and Industries website you should check out.

You can also read up on more apprenticeship info at the US Department of Labor. I'll be straight with you Austin. Getting into one of these programs is a process. There are deadlines and pre-qualification guidelines that need to be adhered to by the letter in order to be accepted but it's a worthwhile challenge because the long term opportunities are Life Changing!! I'm right here for you if you have any questions or if you need more info. Take good care.