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Virginia Rawls
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HHA, CNA, and Patient Direct Care Services

I knew I wanted a rewarding career with great pay and growth opportunities - so I decided to become a home health aide (HHA)!! Its such an amazing career.

I help people who are suffering from a disability or illness by providing care in their home. I work with a lot of elderly patients and people with chronic illnesses. I do things like oversee medication, take vital signs, and change bandaging. I also help with housekeeping, bathing, and meal prep.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I got my highschool diploma
  2. I volunteered at a local hospital to gain some experience
  3. I enrolled in a certificate program at a community college
  4. I completed my training hours
  5. I got state certified

Be sure to check YOUR state’s requirements, because it varies!

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over 4 years ago
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