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Tanya Martinez
6 months ago


I am having the worst luck with unemployment. My benefits exhausted and I applied back in June. Well the lady that supposedly did my application didn’t do it right. So now their telling me they can’t give me benefits for that time. I’m looking at about 5 weeks. I have called and called and the number remains busy or full. I have emailed and no one responds.

I am at the end of my rope. Does anyone have recommendations. I live in Louisiana . #unemployment

Sarah Blake

Yes do both an online appeal and a written appeal letter. Send anything you can use as proof. Make sure you get a return receipt from post office as proof they got it. And keep following up on it.

Rafael Angel LopezFerrer Sr.

The worst luck... why would you leave your livelihood to chance? Applying for unemployment and certifying for a continued claim are a deliberate process. The process is simple enough and you can do it from your home computer. That's how I do mine in California. This way I ensure that there are no mistakes.

From now on, seeing how you have a computer, apply online. No hay pero que valga. Don't listen to clever peasants in the street who are always telling you to seek intermediaries to do for you on paper what you can do online by yourself. Your grasp of the English language is excellent, so don't be afraid of online forms. Take your time adding the income from all your jobs in the last 18 months, and divide it quarterly, at least that's the California formula. You can do this with a pencil and scratch paper... oh, Windows has a calculator? Then you're ahead of the game!

My wife is told by every old geezer with a third-grade education and who were born before the invention of television, that she needs to hire an attorney to get her US Citizenship. I told my wife that she has a high school education, I have an associate degree, we've been living in the United States practically all our lives, (I am a natural born citizen of the United States) and are more than capable of reading and understanding any document, let alone one written in English.

So no, we've been doing our taxes online since 2000. I have applied for unemployment and looked for work online since 2003, the last time I filled out a paper job application was in 2004, and earned my degree online between 2009 and 2012. I certainly don't need community agitators to do for me what I can do myself.