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Kimberly Keyes
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Today’s prompt word for #Inktober is #drooling. When I was a teenager my family had a #dog who was part-Labrador Retriever and part-Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Napoleon. Like all dogs Napoleon was into begging for people food while leaving his own dog food uneaten. (He would eventually get around to eating his own food but he preferred what people were eating.) He would stoop to begging where he would cast the saddest eyes he could muster. If he didn’t get what he wanted, the next step was to stick his tongue out, start panting, and begin drooling. The longer he drooled, the more foamy his mouth got and a small puddle would start to form around him. His mouth would get so foamy that it looked like he had rabies. (He always got his rabies shot every year.) That tactic was especially effective when my parents had guests over and his drooling would gross out the guests so much that they gave in and gave him what they were eating. #Inktober2018 #drawing

over 5 years ago
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