How to explain job separation and likely bad reference

I and my former coworker feel that I was wrongfully terminated. For the last several months of my job, I was obviously being targeted and unfairly singled out. I have a flash drive full of evidence. The office manager even seemed to act maliciously towards me. Despite the overwhelming stress affecting certain cognitive abilities, I hung in there. I have a meeting scheduled with Industrial Affairs to finalize my complaint against my former employer, a nationwide IP firm. BTW, my coworker quit as soon as she found out I was fired. My boss even lied about my separation, stating it was a mutual separation; I received benefits despite their claim.
Since 7/31, I think I’m finally mentally ready to work again.

My concern: How do I explain my separation and lengthy absence after the separation date? Also, I fear my boss will state that they wouldn’t rehire me or even elaborate with close administrators.

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