Amelia D
over 2 years ago

Follow up the BEST WAY

Following up after a job interview is important to show continued interest and to thank the company for their time. After your interview is over, these tips can be helpful: 1. Get a time frame Before you leave the interview, politely ask your interviewer for a rough idea of when you will hear your hiring decision. If he/she says in two weeks and it has been 18 days, then you should send a note expressing continued interest in the job and politely ask for an update. Also offer to provide any additional information about yourself that they might need. 2. Send a Thank-You note ASAP Email a thank-you note to each person you met on the same day as the interview. Since the interview will still be fresh in your mind, it can be beneficial to mention a point you discussed in the interview.
3. Handwritten Note You should also consider sending your interviewer a handwritten note in mail which can feel more sincere and personal. Make sure to thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in the company.
4. Send an update if applicable If you have new accomplishments since the job interview, make sure to mention these experiences in a follow-up letter or email. For example, if you are applying for a teaching job and you recently implemented a new program at your current teaching job, tell your potential employers about this new qualification. 5. Be Patient Do not constantly call or email the company after your interview as this can come off as unprofessional and negatively affect your hiring decision. It can take a long time for companies to evaluate all their job applicants so be patient and don’t rush the employers.

Lenin Pina

The first tip is essential towards understanding the employers hiring timeline and setting the right expectations after a successful interview. In fact, asking for a time frame makes and excellent post interview question job candidates can ask employers. Great info Amelia Danoff . Thanks for sharing!

Mary Clark

Just dont appear desparate

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