Amelia D
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Amelia's drive and willingness to learn is commendable. I had the privilege to work with her over the past 2 years. I have seen her growth in stepping out of her comfort zone to help and support...

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Amelia is a great contributor. I have known her over the past two years, and I have been very impressed as she has evolved from a diligent worker to a proactive contributor who not only follows...

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Amelia is a fabulous source of support and advice for ALL members of the Jobcase community. Her empathetic nature and kind-hearted advice has helped hundreds if not thousands of people, and she is...

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Work experience
Jobcase Inc.
Community Intern
Community Intern

Found jobseekers on social media, overlooked the website, researched Snapchat and FacebookStudy Abroad:
5 week Putney Student Travel to France, Italy, Holland, and Switzerland

Middlesex School
Paid Intern
OvaScience Inc

-Audited lab procedures
-Logged and organized equipment files
-Toured the IVF labs

Shir Tikva Temple
Assistant Hebrew School Teacher
Shir Tikva Temple
Assistant Teacher
Middlesex School
High School
Meadowbrook School of Weston