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Hi. iv been struggling with my boss. we have been developing a really good mother-son friendship lately, But every time i make a mistake at work or something wrong happened she blame herself for being ''to good' or ''giving too much confidence''. I have no day off, she took it away from me for an hundred dollars raised, because we cut of staff. She says im not working as i used to (cheerful, motivated, happy) after that we fought and i said its because i dont rest and shes always asking me to help my coworkers but they NEVER help me, IM ALWAYS the last one to leave the work place. I feel frustrated because she says we take advantage of her, but she is putting so much pressure on me and she expects me to have a smile in my face all the time.. iv been working here for a year now, i want to leave but she's promised me a new promotion (kitchen assistant) better salary and she's opening a new restaurant soon and wants me to be there.. but i feel i CANT stand her rudeness and attitude and my coworker's anymore.

almost 7 years ago
Cris Gamble
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Well, that's definitely something for you to think about. If you're really unhappy there, you have to make a choice between the job and the income or something that would make you happier.

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