Andria Hammer

A new employee started working there. None of the staff really liked her. She was Spanish and so blunt with people who she didn’t even know yet. One day a friend of mine had a problem with her as well. She said something to a girl named Marie and Marie said something to this blunt girl. Anyway then she started saying nice things about her. Which was nice but almost to the point where she was kissing her ass. She was my best friend. I said to the Spanish girl. You are kissing her ass. She got offended saying I was very ugly. She then started talking to Marie in Spanish. I asked her some questions about things as Marie was listening to our conversation. I called her names. She called me names. Marie dialed the manager who was Spanish and told her everything in Spanish. My problem. I speak English. So I didn’t know if Marie was telling the truth. I later found out that it was a lie. But it was weird situations. It was the whites against the Spanish people who were staff. Never in my life has this ever happened to me.

almost 4 years ago
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