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Michael Anderson
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Otr Driver at Roehl Transport

Go there to get some experience, then go to work at a top paying company like Crete, Schafer, Nussbaum, or if you like flatbedding go to Melton. Work hard, smart, and be SAFE first and foremost. I retired with over 10 years and a million miles never hurting anyone or myself. But I do want to say there are many great people at Roehl and good equipment...if you want a stripped down IH or fridges, cheap mattresses, automatics, so no skills needed. Go somewhere you can drive a 10-13 speed manuals, have fridges, upgraded interiors, Direct TV, xm/serius. You live in that truck 1, 2, or more weeks at a time. Enjoy it. There's a lot of carriers you can get most of not all. I would not go back there. Better choices folks

almost 6 years ago
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