Hannah Carey
4 months ago

Virtual Interview: Body Language Tips

Interviewing over video is becoming more and more common in this day in age. In fact, 60% of hiring managers use virtual technology in their interview process.

Your body language matters in person and on video! To show your interviewer you are ready and poised for the position, follow these 5 body language tips!

  1. Take up space! You should be the focal point of the video's frame.

  2. Sit-up straight.

  3. Smile. A friendly demeanor can be seen as approachable and make for a more fluid interview.

  4. Be arms-length away. This way you can use your hands to gesture and show enthusiasm without crowding the screen. When not gesturing, rest them on the table.

  5. Don't touch your face. This can come across as insecure or unprepared.

Dive deeper into each of these points at https://highfive.com/blog/5-body-language-tips-better-video-conferences.


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