15 popular entry level work from home jobs

Last updated: May 20, 2024
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15 popular entry level work from home jobs
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It’s no secret that we’ve seen a huge increase in remote work as a result of the pandemic.

But what’s interesting is:

Even as restrictions ease and people are allowed to return to work, nearly 42% of the U.S. workforce is still working at home.

It’s easy to see the appeal — no commute time, fewer distractions, and the ability to work from anywhere.

But where do you find these types of jobs, and are there any available for entry-level applicants with no prior experience?

In this guide, we’ll discuss 15 of the best entry-level work-from-home jobs, what they entail, and where you can find them.

What is an entry-level work-from-home job?

Work-from-home jobs (also known as remote jobs) are jobs you can do from anywhere.

For many, this means from the comfort of their own home — whether that’s in a separate room or just at their kitchen table.

You’re not restricted to working at home, however. Many remote workers choose to work from a cafe or sign up at a coworking space.

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An entry-level job doesn’t require any previous experience or qualification, though some employers may prefer it or support you with training once you’ve received a job. They’re fit for any skill level, whether you’ve just received your GED or you’re a college grad.

So, an entry-level work-from-home job is a position that doesn’t ask for any specific experience or education, and it can be performed remotely.

Many remote employers will, however, be looking for some skills that show you can handle the unique circumstances of a remote job. These skills include:

Top 15 entry-level work-from-home jobs

There are a variety of opportunities available to become a remote worker. Let’s explore 15 of the best entry-level remote jobs.

1. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant (also known as a virtual administrative assistant) is someone who works as a remote admin assistant for a company.

You’ll communicate with the company owners or executives via phone and email, and you’ll perform tasks based on their requirements.

Duties include:

  • Data entry
  • Answering phone calls and emails
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Making travel arrangement
  • Some bookkeeping
  • Preparing reports

Some virtual assistants work for VA firms that provide services to a number of companies, so it’s possible that in this online job, you’ll be assisting multiple clients.

Larger companies may hire full-time virtual assistants, and they’ll sometimes serve as a remote personal assistant for an executive.

Check out openings for virtual assistant jobs here.

2. Sales representative

A lot of sales work these days is performed by phone and email with some video conferencing involved. This means it's easy for companies to turn this into a remote position.

As a work-from-home sales rep, you’ll be scheduling and sending emails, cold-calling new businesses to sell into, and setting up appointments to pitch your company’s product or services.

This job is best suited for individuals with an outgoing nature and a degree of resilience to rejection, as these sales roles typically involve hearing “no” a lot.

Entry-level work-from-home sales rep positions are nearly always available, especially at companies that sell software platforms to other businesses.

Check out our job board for sales rep openings.

3. Transcription

Transcription jobs involve listening to voice recordings (or video), and transcribing them into written text.

Examples of cases that require transcription include:

  • Court hearings
  • Business meetings
  • College lectures
  • Medical conversations

When doing general transcription work, you’ll typically listen to recordings of college lectures, court hearings, business meetings, personal conversations, and more, and you’ll write what was said.

This position requires close attention to detail and a reasonable typing speed in order to keep up with the pace of conversation.

Companies hiring for this kind of position may be involved in highly sensitive industries (such as the legal and medical sectors).

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Look for open transcription jobs here.

4. Online research

Online researchers help companies solve problems and answer questions by performing internet research.

For example, a startup may contract you to research the total available market for their concept. You’d use your research skills to find relevant statistics and data points and ensure these results are reliable.

Companies typically hiring for this kind of job include high-tech firms, research organizations, and marketing firms.

To do well in this role, you’ll need to understand how to do deep research online (beyond page one of Google) and how to tell the difference between reliable and unreliable data.

Check out our listings for online research roles.

5. Customer service

As a virtual customer service representative, your job is to answer phone, email, and online chat queries to assist your company’s customers.

The customer service job is varied. On one call, you may help resolve a shipping issue, and on the next, you could be simply answering questions about how a product works.

Most companies, especially online retailers, have customer service reps, meaning there are often many opportunities to get into this work-from-home job.

To be successful, you’ll need to be a great problem solver, have cheerful and warm phone manners, and be able to de-escalate situations when dealing with unhappy callers.

Search for online customer service jobs here.

6. Community manager

A community manager is someone who manages a company’s social media presence.

Duties include building a following, answering queries and questions, and implementing initiatives to increase engagement.

Often, community managers are responsible for managing and maintaining a company’s Facebook group, such as this group for Semrush users:

(Image Source)

This would be a good position for someone with a knowledge of digital marketing and a passion for building a community of people who support a brand’s mission.

Browse community manager jobs here.

7. Content writer

Content writers produce writing content (like blog posts, guides, and ebooks) for companies that are investing in content marketing strategies.

It’s possible to do this as a freelance writer, where you work as an individual contractor for certain companies, choosing your own clients and hours.

The drawback of freelance writing is that your income can be unpredictable, so many content writers seek full-time employment with a company.

As a content writer, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Planning and researching topic ideas
  • Drafting and editing content
  • Sourcing images
  • Uploading and publishing content on the company website

Check out content writer openings here.

8. Translation

Translation jobs involve interpreting written content in one language and translating it into another.

You’ll need to be fluent at both languages to perform this job well, as companies are looking for a perfect translation. At times, this requires structural changes to sentences and the editing of certain local expressions and idioms.

Companies that hire translators are often moving into new markets and wish to create marketing content in different languages. These companies also include legal firms that work with non-English speakers.

Browse our job board for open translation positions.

9. Data entry

One of the most popular entry-level work-from-home positions is a data entry job.

As a data entry clerk, your responsibilities will include:

  • Sorting and compiling information
  • Adding new customer details and updating existing accounts
  • Finding and deleting duplicate data
  • Entering invoice and payment information
  • Developing and maintaining data entry policy and procedures

Take a look at openings for online data entry jobs here.

10. Graphic designer

Graphic design is a fantastic industry to get into if you want to work from home.

This is an entry-level job that can be performed freelance or full-time for a company.

Graphic designer duties include:

  • Creating visual imagery concepts
  • Collaborating with marketing departments
  • Using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Selecting appropriate colors and fonts

Graphic designers may work in-house. They may also work for a marketing agency and perform graphic design duties for numerous clients.

It’s worth noting that while this can be an entry-level job, many hiring managers will be at least looking for some demonstrable experience. That means you’ll need to have a portfolio of graphic design work to show your skill level, like this:


(Image Source)

Browse for graphic design roles here.

11. Proofreading

Proofreaders check different pieces of writing and look for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and then fix them.

This role is common in industries that create a lot of formal documents, such as legal offices or construction firms.

Proofreaders can also work as freelancers for a variety of clients. They may proofread a college assignment or a new business profile.

Take a look at our job board for proofreading vacancies.

12. Captioner

Captioner (sometimes called a stenocaptioner) is a form of transcription job. In this position, you’ll be responsible for captioning and transcribing TV shows and movies.

Captions are created for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing so that they can read dialog on their screen. You can see an example of captions in the top left-hand corner of this image:

(Image Source)

This can be done in real-time (e.g., for a live sports event) or after a program has been recorded (e.g., for a TV show).

To be successful in this role, especially as a live captioner, you’ll need to develop a very fast typing speed and be incredibly accurate.

Browse for captioner vacancies here.

13. Website tester

Website testers are responsible for hunting down issues in a new website before it’s released.

Your job would be to act like a normal website user and try out all the links and functions on the site. You’ll then note when things don’t work as you’d expect (or as you’d like).

This role is typically performed for development companies who are building websites, and you’d be responsible for checking the site’s functionality before it goes live.

Check for open website tester positions here.

14. Social media assistant

As a social media assistant, you’ll work with the social media manager to execute marketing campaigns.

Though this is an entry-level role, you’ll want to have at least some experience using various social media platforms and an understanding of how businesses use them to grow their audience.

Responsibilities of the social media assistant include:

  • Researching and monitoring competition
  • Publishing content on social platforms
  • Running and reporting on ads
  • Some content creation

Check out openings for social media assistant jobs here.

15. Tutoring

Online tutors assist school students in order to help improve their academic performance. Tutors may help students learn the required material, guide them through required homework, and assist them in test preparation.

As a tutor, you don’t necessarily require a specific qualification. But it is important that you are well-versed in the subject you’re teaching.

For example, if you’re tutoring a student in math, you’ll need to have advanced knowledge of math.

Tutors may work as freelancers for individuals, or they can work part-time or full-time for a dedicated tutoring company.

Check out open positions for tutor work here.

Ready to get started?

From data entry positions to virtual customer service, there is a world of entry-level work-from-home job opportunities.

And with 85% of managers believing remote work will become the new normal, we’re likely to see this method of working become more and more popular.

If one of the remote jobs we’ve discussed sounds like something you’d be interested in, then your next step is to be ready to apply for the job, fast.

But before applying, you’ll want to make sure you have a resume that will stand out.

Check out our guide: Simple tips to customize your resume. Also be sure to visit the Getting Hired Resource center to prepare for your first job. Good luck!

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