Stay up, not down while unemployed

Stay up, not down while unemployed

Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
April 8, 2020

Being unemployed during these strange and unfamiliar times can certainly feel stressful, but you are not alone. Many members of the Jobcase community are feeling just like you. Here are some things that you can do to push yourself forward and awaken your motivation.

Keep going!

Don't give up the job search! When we feel unmotivated and down, the last thing we want to do is get back out there, but you need to!

  • Spend some time looking here on Jobcase for work
  • Update that resume, and apply
  • Make a list of things to accomplish each morning and check them off throughout the day

Reward yourself for a job well done once you have crossed them all off.

Start the day right

Start each day with a positive thought. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the negative, especially with the state of things in the world right now. Instead, think about what you do have in place of what you don't. Negative thinking can have a major impact on how you take on the challenges of your job search which will ultimately result in a long and stressful one. When you are negative, your subconscious mind will start coming up with excuses, and no one wants that!

Look to the future

It's hard to imagine a world where things are back to normal but it will happen. Think about the future and how you see yourself there. Maybe it won't be exactly the same, but by focusing on where you see yourself you will create a map of where you want to go.

Make a list of long-term goals to go along with your vision. What do you want to accomplish by next year? How about five? How will you do it? Make a plan!

Stay busy

Read a book, learn something new and keep those work skills sharp, call friends/family, re-paint your kitchen. Do what you can to stay busy, positive and motivated! While searching for jobs also allow yourself the time to do things that you enjoy that will put you in a positive place such as listening to music, cooking, etc.

Clear your head

Spring is here and as the weather changes it's nice to take a walk and get OUT of the house. Vitamin D from sunshine and exercise are great ways to fight those unmotivated moods.

Remind yourself

Keep a list of motivational quotes that inspire you and read them often, even several times daily. Write and post them in your bathroom, on the fridge, in your bedroom or anywhere you will see them and constantly remind yourself.

We are all in this together!

Not sure how to apply for unemployment benefits or want to learn more about this topic? Make sure to check out the unemployment information here on Jobcase.




Deborah Hill

Someone on Jobcase asked the question “what do you do, after being accepted for a position that you cannot start due to Conrona 19? My suggestion is to maintain your skills and read up on what’s going on to be prepared when this is all done and over.

Neal Griebling

Excellent advice!

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