Jobs at Amazon Fulfillment

Last updated: April 24, 2024
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Jobs at Amazon Fulfillment
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In 2021, Amazon delivered around 4.75 billion packages — all of which had to be packed, processed, and delivered by fulfillment workers. This eCommerce giant continues to grow, and so does its need for these employees.

But what exactly are fulfillment careers? And what type of fulfillment jobs does Amazon offer?

This article will explain what fulfillment jobs are, give you a list of the top 16 Amazon fulfillment careers you can apply for, and discuss some of the most sought-after skills for this industry, so you can land the job easier.

What are fulfillment careers?

Fulfillment careers refer to jobs that handle warehousing and stock order duties. As such, fulfillment workers are responsible for the procurement, packaging, and delivery of merchandise within an organization and to its end consumers.

While this includes people responsible for manual labor, such as warehouse associates, it also includes many other employees who form part of the fulfillment department. Some of these roles follow:

  • Procurement employees who purchase merchandise from manufacturers

  • Those who interact with customers regarding orders

  • Those who manage the operations

  • Those who deliver the orders

The number of packages delivered by Amazon grew by 13% from 2020 to 2021. Because of its sheer volume of purchases and deliveries, the company reported a total net sales of around $127.1 billion in quarter three of 2022.

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More revenue equals more products needing processing and delivery to customers. This means there are numerous fulfillment job openings every month, many of which you can apply for based on your experience and skills.

If you choose to work at a fulfillment center of Amazon, you can expect great employee benefits. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Health and medical insurance

  • Family benefits

  • Financial benefits

  • Employee discounts

  • Paid Time Off (PTO)

These benefits make Amazon an employer of choice for many.

Top 16 Amazon fulfillment careers

Here’s a list of some of the top Amazon fulfillment careers you should consider applying for.

1. Fulfillment center warehouse associate

Fulfillment center warehouse associates, also known as warehouse team members, are responsible for getting orders ready for customers.

Some of their daily duties include receiving and putting away inventory, loading and unloading trucks, troubleshooting, and more.

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This job requires a lot of manual labor. Therefore, you must be willing to stay on your feet for long periods (10-12 hours) and be in good physical shape (lift 49 lbs).

There are no post-secondary educational requirements to become a warehouse associate at Amazon. A high school diploma is acceptable.

2. Lead fulfillment associate

Lead fulfillment associates are mainly responsible for performing production duties as needed. These workers can take on many roles, including trainer, shipping clerk, process assistant, and more.

Some of their daily duties include making sure inventory is accurate, processing work orders, communicating instructions, and keeping their work area safe.

You must have one year of experience working with computers and Microsoft Office for this position. You also need to be willing to work 40 hours or more a week — with some of these hours occurring over weekends and holidays.

Additionally, you’ll also stand a better chance of getting this job if you have one year of experience in a leadership role and one year of experience working in a similar environment.

3. Sortation center associate

Sortation center associates are responsible for sorting, scanning, and stacking packages on pallets. Some of their daily tasks include receiving and sorting inventory, getting customer orders ready for delivery, and using technology to scan barcodes.

This position offers both part-time and full-time roles, as well as flexible working hours. As part of the job, you’ll receive free on-the-job training — teaching you many transferable skills.

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There are no educational requirements to become a sortation center associate. You must be 18 years of age, and able to understand and adhere to safety standards.

4. Delivery station associate

Delivery station associates are mainly responsible for loading conveyor belts and staging deliveries that need to be picked up by drivers.

Their daily tasks include building and wrapping transport pallets and packages, scanning and preparing orders, and much more. As part of this job, you may also be trained to use technology to handle large and heavy bulk items, such as appliances and furniture.

This position comes with schedule options and flexible shifts. This job doesn’t have any educational requirements. However, you need to be able to lift 49 pounds and work at a height of up to 40 feet on a mezzanine.

5. Learning trainer

Learning trainers, otherwise known as receiving clerks, are responsible for scheduling all inbound inventory shipments, resolving carrier issues, and filing delivery receipts.

They’ll also help dock and receive associates maintain a fast-moving workflow within the inbound department. As part of their job, they work with and around moving parts, warm temperatures, and fast-paced environments.

Candidates need to be 18 years or older. They must also have worked as an outsourced Amazon employee for over six months.

Punctuality, excellent communication, and time management skills are vital for this role as these employees will work directly with people and on strict schedules.

6. Communication partner

Communication partners at Amazon are responsible for interpreting for the company’s Spanish-speaking associates when specific topics are discussed.

For example, they’ll be present when discussing safety policy, performance management, and human resource issues.

Applicants must be 18 years or older and bilingual in English and Spanish. They must also be willing to work all shifts and overtime as required. Candidates with computer skills, leadership skills, and the ability to think outside the box are preferred.

7. DSP delivery driver

Amazon delivery service partners (DSPs), also known as Amazon delivery associates, are responsible for delivering packages to customers. They work independently and drive Amazon-branded vans to make the deliveries.

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Delivery drivers earn competitive hourly wages of at least $20 per hour at selected stations. You don’t need any delivery experience to apply for this position.

One of the main benefits of this job is that it offers excellent career development opportunities — with some drivers growing into roles as lead drivers or even operational managers.

Interested in a delivery job? Discover delivery jobs that are hiring right now.

8. Customer service associates

Customer service associates are responsible for providing customer support over the phone, via email, chat, mobile chat, and Alexa.

These employees may be asked to locate packages, deal with item returns, and support drivers to get packages to customers on time.

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If you apply to be part of Amazon’s virtual customer service team, you’ll be able to work from home and have far more flexibility.

To excel at this position, you need to be excellent at communication, detail-oriented and have good problem-solving skills. Learn about the top eight transferable skills of customer service employees.

Furthermore, you must also be good at using computers since you’ll be required to navigate customer accounts, provide solutions, and research policies.

9. Purchasing analyst

Purchasing analysts work directly with procurement operations managers to buy goods and merchandise from vendors. They need to consider market outlooks when ordering goods, look at key performance indicators (KPIs) to track performance, and measure savings.

To be eligible for the purchasing analyst position, you need to have a bachelor’s degree, two years in procurement, and good knowledge of vendor relationship management.

You also need to be proficient in speaking English and have experience working with Microsoft Excel.

10. Data analyst

Data analysts are responsible for reviewing data to gain insights into Amazon’s customers and their problems so these issues can be addressed. This way, the company can increase customer satisfaction and sales.

As part of their job, they are required to create graphs, charts, and in-depth documents to report findings to management.

To apply for this position, you need the following skills: math, analytical, computer, and excellent verbal and written communication.

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Amazon prefers candidates with at least two years of experience working as business or data analysts.

11. EHS specialist

Environmental health and safety (EHS) specialists are responsible for conducting risk assessments, recommending risk mitigation measures, and maintaining accurate metrics for onsite managers.

They’re part of a dedicated team ensuring health and safety procedures are always met. They often work flexible shifts and may be required to work night shifts and over the weekend.

To apply for this position, you need to have knowledge of OSHA and experience using Microsoft Office. You also need one of the following:

  • One year’s experience working in an EHS-related field

  • Bachelor’s degree in EHS or equivalent

  • Six month’s experience working in a safety-related role within Amazon

12. Regulated waste coordinator

Regulated waste coordinators are responsible for providing technical support and implementation of waste management. They need to sort, identify, and package waste according to environmental, health, and safety standards.

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As part of their jobs, they need to inspire workers to follow EHS standards, promote healthy behaviors, and maintain EHS paperwork.

You need a high school diploma or equivalent to qualify for this position and also need to be proficient in leading a team.

13. Staffing manager

Staffing managers handle all aspects of Amazon’s staffing needs. They’re responsible for capturing, recruiting, and training the best talent.

As part of their job, they also work to retain employees by creating positive work environments.

To qualify for this position, you need a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field or two years of Amazon blue badge experience. Leadership and talent acquisition skills are all crucial for this role.

14. Seasonal trainer

Seasonal trainers are responsible for providing a welcoming, exciting, and engaging experience for new hires. They’re a vital part of the onboarding process since they help new hires acclimate to their roles and make them feel connected to Amazon’s culture.

Excellent communication, time management, and interpersonal skills are important for this role. To qualify for this job, you need a high school diploma or equivalent, Microsoft Office experience, and a proven ability to work independently.

15. Operations manager

Operations managers are responsible for leading and managing the day-to-day operations of the fulfillment center. They need to ensure overall safety, quality, and performance to create the best customer experience.

They are required to supervise workers and processes, set up accountability meetings, do strategic planning and forecasting, and more.

To qualify for this job, you need a bachelor’s degree in business or equivalent, direct experience managing operations, and experience working with metrics.

The more experience you have, the higher your income potential. Operations Managers with 20+ years of experience can earn close to $60,000 more per year than those with less than a year’s experience.

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Do you qualify for this position? Learn more about highlighting your hard skills on your resume to stand out.

16. Transportation area manager

Transportation area managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Transportation Department. They guarantee the safe and efficient transportation of goods.

They lead a team of transport associates or drivers that need to deliver goods to customers on time. Tasks include ensuring their team is properly trained, analyzing quality and customer experience metrics, streamlining Amazon logistics, and more.

To qualify for this position, you need a bachelor’s degree in operations or equivalent, two years of direct management experience, and be willing to work flexible shifts.

Top skills of people in fulfillment careers

When applying for Amazon fulfillment jobs, make sure you highlight the skills you have that can benefit Amazon. Here’s a list of some of the most desired skills at Amazon:

Communication skills

Most fulfillment positions at Amazon require workers to work with people — whether that be team members, managers, or customers.

Thus, all employees need to have excellent communication skills. Verbal communication skills are important for labor workers, while verbal and written communication is essential for managers and roles that work directly with customers.


Being forklift-certified isn’t required by all positions. However, it’s an extremely valuable skill to have if you’re planning on working in a Warehouse Associate or similar role.

This skill can also help you earn more. According to Payscale, Amazon warehouse associates can earn up to 10% more if they’re forklift-certified.

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Customer service

Excellent customer service skills are essential when applying for a customer-facing position. These include jobs such as customer service associates, delivery drivers, and more.

Some essential customer service skills you need include:

  • Listening skills

  • Self-control

  • Ability to use positive language

  • Patience

  • Empathy

  • Problem-solving


You need to be able to work both individually and as part of a team. Many fulfillment positions at Amazon will require you to work with other people. This is especially true for positions such as warehouse team members, seasonal trainers, and managers.

Apply for your fulfillment career today

Whether you’re someone who works well with customers, is good at manual labor, or has experience managing teams, Amazon has a huge selection of fulfillment center careers to choose from.

Did one (or more) of the careers fit your needs, experience, and career goals? Are you ready to apply for a job at Amazon?

You can apply for a position on Amazon’s job board, or if you want to find jobs from Amazon and related companies, you can apply by using Jobcase’s job board.

Simply head over to our job board and type in “Amazon” alongside your location to see which Amazon-specific jobs are available in your area.

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Alternatively, if you’re open to looking for similar positions at other companies, you can type in the job you’re looking for (e.g., “warehouse associate”) alongside your location and see what comes up.

Remember to turn on the job alerts option to get notified when new positions open.



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