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Laila Nashat
Community Specialist
April 28, 2020

So you've already discovered Jobcase's amazing community, but have you really explored all we have to offer? Jobcase has a wealth of useful features, including one we've created just for members like you. We built this feature because we understand that keeping your resume updated is a hassle. We at Jobcase know it because we've lived it. The frustration is all too real. (Especially when you just want to get a job!)

That's why we've put extra effort into building the Jobcase Resume, to save you the countless hours fretting over styles and formatting. When you update your Jobcase profile, your Jobcase Resume also updates. No muss, no fuss.

As you edit your profile, save your edits, then hop over to the Resume tab to see how your generated resume is shaping up. When you're done, just click "Download" and your resume will download in PDF format. Perfect for all the printing, sharing, emailing, applying, interviewing and overall winning you plan to do with it.

Designed for convenience and style

Sending out a plain-Jane resume can be a drag on both you and potential employers, but do you really have to be a graphic designer to make a resume you can be proud of? We think not.

When considering the Jobcase Resume, we had our designers work tirelessly to create graphics that are at once impressive, but not too flashy. These classy designs will make your experience shine, rather than overshadow it. You can even preview our design on your "Resume" page to see if it's to your liking!

A scannable resume is a memorable resume. Between two resumes with similar qualifications, a hiring manager will be more likely to come back to the one that made a better impression on them with clear formatting and organization.

But...not everyone has the patience of a zen master when it comes to learning the art of tabs and spaces. Don't even get us started with color, fonts, bullets! The list goes on… Jobcase's resume makes it so you don't have to spend fruitless nights trying to get everything picture perfect.

But with the Jobcase Resume all you have to do is fill in your info and we take care of the rest! No more battling with a word processor and formatting when you could better spend your time applying for jobs!

So how can you fill in your profile to get the most out of your Jobcase Resume?

Describe the jobs you want while describing your past duties.

You may think that just getting the right words and key phrases in your resume alone is a winning strategy. Once you get past the automated applicant tracking systems, however, your resume still has to pass the review of a very human hiring manager. While applicant tracking systems are fairly consistent in how they operate, every hiring manager is different. So what can you do to ensure your resume performs the best it can once you get it in the hands of a hiring manager?

When you apply for jobs, look at the words your prospective employer uses to describe that position’s duties. If you think you qualify for this position, it’s important to take note of any instances where your description doesn’t match theirs. Since these are likely the keywords the ATS will use, match your descriptions of your duties to the ones listed in the job application.

Add volunteer work to your resume

Ok, you may be thinking, but what if I didn't work for free for a non-profit while I was unemployed? I was dealing with life and job seeking!

"Volunteer" work can be anything from being a caregiver for your family to working in your local food pantry. If you were busy doing something, you should emphasize that by adding those experiences to the Volunteer section of your resume, complete with dates and responsibilities. Just like any other job! Employers who see that you have been busy while unemployed by any specific company will be more likely to see you as a self-motivated hard-worker.

Focus on soft skills

Reserve a separate area of your resume for your skills, from the most objective like "MS Word" to the more subjective, like "time management" and "conflict resolution." These are all key skills, and if you can back them up in an interview with instances where you've effectively used them, employers will be seriously impressed!

Add a personal touch with traits

I'm going to assume you know yourself pretty well by now. You know if you're good-humored or serious, cautious or bold etc… Well, add that to your resume! Choose a few key phrases that both accurately describe you and would make you a valuable employee for your field.

Employers want to know who you are as well as what work you've done. A bad culture fit can be just as damaging (if not more) than an unqualified hire, so employers are now paying very close attention to soft skills and emotional intelligence.

So how do you ensure that employers get a sense of your sterling personality? Choose a set of traits that describe your best qualities and include them in your resume under a section marked "Traits." In fact, you can do this on Jobcase. Click "My Profile" in the top right-hand corner and edit your profile to add traits and get inspired by all the great qualities we have listed for you!

So save yourself some time and frustration and rely on Jobcase to help you build a resume you can be truly proud of.



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