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Terrell Phillips
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over 6 months ago

Seize the Day! There is an ongoing barrage of YouTube ads targeting start-ups/small businesses for a "do-it-yourself" CMSes i.e. Wix, Weebly, or others offering an easy means for businesses to create their own Ecommerce sites. However, there is little to no post-sale technical/design/feasibility web support in place right now for those businesses. I believe there is a "Tremendous Revenue-Generating Opportunity" for i.e. YP.com, Google, Twitter, or Facebook to launch a new business venture here. Why not set up physical stores i.e. The Apple Stores. With such a footprint presence, such businesses as Google could open their doors for startups/small businesses to set appointments, come and meet with Ecommerce Specialists to design and create customized Ecommerce CMS site(s) for the customers. Here is a prime example of where The BellSouth Real Yellow Pages which became YP.com recently, "should have gone". . ."didn't"... but still can! I also envision new opportunities for creating "specialized" work groups (job creation) to better "grow" and "monitor" those businesses who choose to take advantage of Open Store Ecommerce. By the way, I must give credit to Guy Kawasaki who years ago, put a burning, passionate desire in me to be "Innovative" and "Forward-Thinking" in all that I do!

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