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Michael Carvalho
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Knowing When It’s Time? Are you not happy with your current job? Are you looking to change careers?

Are you not happy with your current job? Are you looking to change careers? Now is the time to think about starting a Healthcare Career. Are you looking for flexibility in your work schedule? With the COVID-19 in full gear the Healthcare Industry Needs People Today. Why I changed careers? It was in March of 2007 at 5:02 AM. I was shot 6 times due to a Home Invasion. After 6 months in the hospital, I was released to my home. With no plan on who was going to help me get out of bed, eat, use the bathroom. There I was at home stuck in bed and making call after call looking for help. As I recovered from my wounds, each day I wondered how many other people were dealing with the same thing I was dealing with? I started to research and found a new chapter in my life. I went into the healthcare field and glad I did. You can too! With the COVID-19 taking place many positions are available to start today. *The Big Question! Is it safe to work in the hospital or nursing home? Yes! Each facility offers #ppe and more. Most Hospitals and Nursing Homes have a policy that states. If you feel for any reason your health is at risk, you can refuse an assignment. Each state offers Home Health Aides also known as Personal Care Attendants. This is a state run program based on each states laws and regulations. If you are a personal who cares about other’s this is a job for you. What are the rewards. The best reward is allowing a person who is Disabled or Sick to remain in their home rather than be in the hospital. If you are looking to better your future? It offers paid college tuition, training and much more. Why not start a new career in the Healthcare Industry Today?

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Michael Carvalho

@Lenin Pina Answers to Your Questions, As To Your Question about Healthcare Aides, Each State has it’s own Rule’s & Requirements. However, in the state of Massachusetts has a program called MassHealth Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Program. The PCA program is a MassHealth program that helps people with permanent or chronic disabilities keep their independence, stay in the community, and manage their own personal care by providing funds to hire personal care Attendants. {PCA’s}. The PCA Consumer the person receiving PCA services is the employer of the PCA. And I’d fully responsible for recruiting, hiring, scheduling, train, and if necessary, firing PCA’s. I am going to write more about this in the future!

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Lenin Pina

Hey @Michael Carvalho , I didn't know about your home invasion experience! Your girls had not been born by that time, right? So glad you were able to survive and overcome such as horrible experience.

Fantastic career transition information here! The demand for healthcare workers will more than likely double if this new COVID-19 vaccine get's approved. National pharmacy companies like CVS and Walgreens launched new hiring initiatives this week in order to recruit and place workers to manage the vaccination process.

Thanks for addressing the COVID-19 safety issue as this is a major concern among new career explorers.

Certification requirements in another concern. Direct care jobs like CNA's and HHA's require additional training and state certifications. Are there on the job training and certification options for healthcare direct care roles? How can new career explores get around additional time and financial investment needed to acquire these employment opportunities?

Thanks in Advance @Michael Carvalho . Hope this message finds you well!

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