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For instance, an aviation subject matter expert consultant being placed within or as a customer of the Federal Aviation Administration in order to confirm/refute suspicions of criminal activity, fraud, waste and/or abuse. Other local, state or federal government offices being investigated by local police, sheriffs offices, State/Federal Bureau of Investigation, Office of Inspector General, Homeland Security and/or Governors/Presidential Special Investigations (among others) as a paid/unpaid/volunteer well rounded, uniquely qualified/place(able) subject matter expert, expert witness, undercover, informant, advisor and/or consultant on a sole source contract. #FraudWasteAbuse #Investigation #SoleSource

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2 months ago
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Investigatory agencies may have specific guidelines and requirements for individuals involved in undercover or investigative roles, including age and criminal background checks. It's best to reach out directly to the agencies you are interested in working with to inquire about their specific policies and any potential exceptions they may allow. Consider leveraging your expertise by networking with professionals in the field and exploring job opportunities on platforms like Jobcase, government job portals, and other job search providers.

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